Top Cat and the Homeless Guy

//Top Cat and the Homeless Guy

Top Cat and the Homeless Guy


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Homage to Top Cat Alley Paintings and the Homeless Man

Original Canvas – Hand Painted

  • Top Cat Street Art
  • 100% Cotton Canvas on a Streched Frame
  • Original Comics Pasted on Canvas
  • Original Monopoly Money
  • Varnished Background
  • Handcut Stencils layered using Spray Paint Street Art Techinique
  • W 120cm X H 100cm

1 in stock


Top Cat ‘Oh Boy! I’m Loaded with Reward Money for More Alley Paintings!’ Along with the Homeless man begging for money with different investment pots, ‘Weed, LSD, Beer, Food’

Orginal Hand Cut Stencils with Spraypaint on Original Comics and Magazines from the 1960s onwards.

French and English Language original material pasted on a Canvas, varnished and Spraypainted in layers.

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