Betty Boop Shopping B&W Background

//Betty Boop Shopping B&W Background

Betty Boop Shopping B&W Background


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Betty Boop Shopping

Original Canvas – Hand Painted

  • Betty Boop Street Art
  • 100% Cotton Canvas on a Streched Frame
  • Original Comics Pasted on Canvas
  • Varnished Background
  • Handcut Stencils
  • Spray Paint
  • H 91.4cm X W 61cm

1 in stock


Homage to Betty Boop on Original Black and White 1930s Comic Strips Pasted and Varnished onto 100% Cotton Stretched Canvas. Hand Cut 6 Layer Stencil Spray Painted.

Betty Boop is shopping with bags from Louis Vuiton, Tiffany’s and Dior and a Chanel Handbag.

POA – Please Contact for Price

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