Barney Killed Topcat

//Barney Killed Topcat

Barney Killed Topcat


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Homage to the Flintstones and Topcat – Anti Fur Barney killing Topcat for a hat.

Original Stencil Spray Paint Graffiti on Original Comic Strips

Mixed Media

80 cm X 60 cm

  • Stencil Art
  • Spray Paint
  • Original Comic Books Pasted
  • Streched 100% Cotton Canvas

1 in stock


Homeage to the Flintstones and Top Cat. As they were the same animators Hannah Barbara Top Cat and the Flintstones had a similar style, I noticed in one of the Flintstones Comics Barney hunted a Sabor Tooth Tiger and was wearing it as a hat, This was basically Top Cat without the hat and two fangs. So I created this Stencil. The message is your own interpratation but I know what it is!

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